The Lisa Marie and Hound Dog II, which have been on display at the mansion in Memphis, Tennessee since 1984, were set to be removed at the end of the month (Apr15) after Graceland officials ended their agreement with the planes' owners last year (14).

This sparked speculation over where the jets would be rehoused, and a planning permission application was recently submitted to local officials asking for the planes to be moved to a new location down the street from Graceland.

However, representatives for the tourist attraction have now announced the aircraft are no longer being removed and will remain a permanent feature of the museum.

Presley's daughter Lisa Marie confirmed the news on, writing, "Exciting news: I wanted 2 b (to be) the first to tell U (you): The Planes will remain at Graceland 4 (for) ever! We own them and have fun plans 4 (for) them as well."