Game Of Thrones’ is a cultural phenomenon, whatever you think of the qualities it does or doesn’t possess. HBO’s fantasy drama is as widely watched as any of the big-hitters of the past decade – your Breaking Bads, Walking Deads, etc – as it continuously brings big screen production values to the TV sets. 

Game of ThronesThe show is becoming bigger and bigger in scale (no pun intended) Picture: GoT S04E01

Season Three’s infamous ‘Red Wedding’ set mouths agape and tongues a-wagging when some major character all met their maker in the space of one, one-hour episode. But one of GoT’s directors, Alex Graves, who was behind the camera for the most recent episode, ‘The Lion And The Rose’ said the season 4 finale could be even bigger. 

"It's the largest season and most challenging season that they've mounted, not only physically and technically," he told Deadline. "It's the first of what happens with the actors and the reason for that is that basically the end of a new season is the turning point in the middle of the story and a lot happened," he added. 

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"Episode 10 of the season is, you know, as David and Dan will tell you, it's the first true finale they've ever done and it's really the episode to end all episodes. It's the largest episode they've ever made."

As we previously reported, Game of Thrones is proving a ratings hit with HBO, while simultaneously providing illegal downloaders with a plenty of entertainment. The latest episode broke torrenting figures, according to the perennial giver of stats, Torrent Freak. 

"A few hours after the second episode came online the Demonii tracker reported that 193,418 people where sharing one single torrent," TorrentFreak reported. "145,594 had a complete copy of the episode and continued to upload, while 47,824 were still downloading the file.

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"These are unprecedented numbers – never before have 193,418 people shared a single file simultaneously. The previous record was set last year, when the season finale of Game of Thrones had 171,572 people sharing on a single tracker."