Former Spice Girls star Emma Bunton has invited Emma Stone to her house after learning the actress is a huge fan of the group.

The Amazing Spider-Man star famously cried when she received a video message from Melanie Brown during a radio show last month (Mar14), and she proved her fan chops by replicating the Spice Girls stars' signatures on U.S. talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live! last week (ends06Apr14).

Band member Melanie Chisholm heard of her behaviour and phoned in to Capital Radio station in London on Wednesday (09Apr14), where Stone was being interviewed.

During the chat, Chisholm said, "I've got a message for you, I spoke to Emma (Bunton) earlier and she said hi, I know she's your favourite. She said she still has all of her baby doll dresses, if you ever want to pop round and try them on."

Stone, who screamed when her idol's face appeared and was shaking throughout the message, replied, "Yes I would love to, I'm so happy to meet you. Thank you for calling!"