Emma Bunton would have hated to be a solo star.

The 45-year-old singer found fame as a member of the Spice Girls with Geri Horner, Victoria Beckham, Mel B and Mel C, and although she has released solo singles, Emma was happier to be in a group.

She told The Guardian newspaper: "Being on my own [is my greatest fear] – I love being in a team. I am so glad I was in a group and wasn’t solo, because I would have found that hard."

Emma also revealed she once suffered a humiliating fall on stage and had to be rushed to hospital.

When asked what her most embarrassing moment was, she said: "In Vegas in 2007, I fell over on stage with the Spice Girls – and it was horrible, really, really embarrassing. I had to go straight to hospital."

Emma also called her partner Jade Jones "calm and understanding" and said having another child is on her bucket list.

When asked 'to whom would you most like to say sorry, and why?', she said: "To Jade, my other half, because I can be hard work sometimes, and he is the most calm and understanding person I’ve ever met."

And speaking about her bucket list, Emma added: "At the moment, it is either to take my children to Bali, or to have another child."