Farrah Fawcett has spoken out from beyond the grave as part of a televised seance staged for her best friend Alana Stewart.
The socialite agreed to let celebrated medium James Van Praagh try to contact the late Charlie's Angels star on her behalf for upcoming TV special Psychic Hollywood: The Search For Truth, which will air in the U.S. next week (09Dec09) - and she didn't have to wait long for her dead friend to make an appearance.
Van Praagh revealed Fawcett was desperate to speak to her pal, stating, "Two days before this meeting that I had with Alana, I felt the very strong sense of someone pushing at me (sic)."
Upon sitting down and making sure Stewart was comfortable, Van Praagh told her, "She (Fawcett) wants to thank you... and she's bringing these beautiful flowers."
Stewart, who helped Fawcett document her battle with anal cancer on home video, wiped away a tear and said, "Oh my gosh!"
The celebrity medium added, "Farrah is right behind me and she's really, really strong, and standing there, like, 'Come on, let's go!'"
Stewart smiled and said, "That is so her."
The socialite sobbed when Van Praagh revealed Fawcett had told him, "Thanks for wearing my bracelet."
The former wife of Rod Stewart said, "She said that? She gave this to me for my birthday two years ago... Oh my God."
Stewart agreed to take part in the show as long as her private psychic reading itself wasn't on camera.