Feeder, Goldie Looking Chain
Empress Ballroom,
Tuesday November 29th.
Live Review


After releasing their latest album "Pushing The Senses" at the beginning of 2005, Feeder spent much of the summer supporting rock giants U2 and R.E.M, while also finding time to headline the Download Festival. This, their second UK tour of the year, is an opportunity for the band to visit some new locations (Grant Nicholas tells the audience it's his first time in Blackpool) and road test new material.

Doing their best to warm-up the audience are Newport's finest, and perhaps only, rappers, Goldie Lookin Chain. Dressed in full chav ensemble and bounding around stage, it soon becomes clear that they're intent on enjoying themselves on stage, even if the crowd only receives them in luke-warm manner. The likes of "R'n'B" and "Sister" are humorous enough, but they're very much a novelty act that struggle to win over many new fans.

Feeder open up their set with the epic "Feeling A Moment", and follow it up with blistering recent single "Shatter". The addition of another live guitarist for these shows means that the likes of "Come Back Around" are reproduced immaculately, and they soon delve into their back catalogue, with the hectic "Insomnia" making a welcome appearance. Nicholas takes time out to thank the audience for their energetic response, and the level is picked up during the anthem "Buck Rogers", and is carried through a glorious "Comfort In Sound" and "We Can't Rewind". The main set is ended with many older tracks, which perhaps alienates more recent fans, but even those who aren't familiar with it can enjoy a thunderous "Descent".

The encore begins with a solo acoustic version of "Dry", the only time in the night that the show wanes, but "Tumble And Fall" and "Seven Days In The Sun" soon re-capture everyone's attention. Feeder end proceedings with the ace in their pack, the brilliantly vibrant and catchy "Just A Day". Every lyric is sang by the manic audience, who pogo with delight for one last time. Feeder have put on an enjoyable rock gig and are in top form.

Alex Lai

Official Site - http://www.feederweb.com