If you're a petrolhead, who has an Xbox 360 but no PS3, and you want a proper driving simulator, Forza Motorsport is the one for you. With its stunning visuals and unbelievably expansive range of drivable vehicles, it really does rate up there with Gran Turismo. With three successful games in the series already, Forza is ready to add the 4th, Forza 4, out 14th October.

New to the latest Forza, and probably the most exciting addition to the game is the new deal with BBC's Top Gear. This comes with commentary from Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson whilst in 'Autovista', the in game car showroom. Furthermore, there is the introduction of the legendary 'reasonably priced car', the Kia C'eed. And if you fancy being the star in the reasonably priced car, you can watch the replay of your lap through authentic camera angles as seen on Top Gear. If you fancy a break from the voluminous career mode, which contains over 100 hours of game play, you can always go and have a quick go at the Top Gear devised game of car football, set at the official test track.

The Top Gear studio also makes an appearance, as the 'Home Space' when viewing a car. The in game version of the studio is a carbon copy of the real life one, with the same lighting effects, same hanging posters of The Stig, and the fabled cars of the hit TV show's past, including the indestructible Toyota Hilux.

Forza 4 also incorporates Kinect into the game, registering head movements, so you can look around the cockpit and into bends, to see where the apex is, when using the in car view during a race. Kinect also comes into play when in 'Autovista' mode, where you can use the interactive features to pop open the hood or the doors.

Forza 4 brings you more than 80 vehicle manufacturers, the most expansive collection of cars in a single game on the market today. In addition to this, it brings you a monumental amount of tracks and various driving aids, to help attract even the casual gamer to buying into the franchise.

As so many games are doing these days, Forza are bringing out a Limited Collector's Edition of the game. The LCE will come in a steel case, and include a book entitled 'The Cars of Forza Motorsport 4 Presented by Top Gear'. The 96 page book is written by the editors of Top Gear Magazine, and features images and commentary of the in game cars. You will also receive a code to download 'The VIP Car Pack', which gives you access to five extra in game cars. Forza's back, and better than ever.