Singer/songwriter Gavin Degraw has no idea if reports suggesting he was struck by a cab on the night he was brutally beaten up in New York are true, because his concussion was so severe.
The Chariot star also suffered a broken nose and other injuries after a gang of thugs turned on him as he walked home from a night out with friends in early August (11).
It was reported that DeGraw took another blow when he was hit by a taxi as he staggered home after the attack, before a passerby found him and called for an ambulance to take him to hospital.
The singer recalls his struggle trying to dial 911 on his cell phone and he admits the only knowledge he has about the cab is from a third party.
He tells, "I was having a hard time calling because my cell was so bloody. I was bleeding so much and I remember my fingers were sliding all over the keypad. I remember that being very frustrating. I got there (to the hospital) because someone said that I had an encounter with a cab.
"I didn't know anything about that at that point. I had a pretty serious concussion already so I don't remember very much... I think the person who called the ambulance said that I had been hit by a cab. I don't know exactly what that means."
But DeGraw can understand why no cab driver would have wanted to give him a ride.
He says, "My speculation is that I saw the cab and it stopped so I went up to it to get in because I was so bloody and needed help to take me to the hospital. He probably saw how bloody I was and stepped on the pedal from there. This is more speculation, you know what I mean?
"I don't know if I was hit by a cab. I probably grabbed the handle to get in, he probably saw it, and stepped on the pedal which could have thrown me. Maybe the cab kind of grazed me at that point and threw me off into the road or sidewalk or whatever. That's when the person called the ambulance."