George Ezra has put his music career on hold amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The 27-year-old musician has revealed he doesn't have any plans to record new records in the near future due to ongoing health concerns.

He said: ''Am I prepared to get on the train unnecessarily? No, I won't be doing that for a while.

''If I'm still not ready to do anything by then I'll be standing by that ... what I have learnt is that no-one really knows.''

At the moment, George can't see a scenario whereby it's safe to go into the recording studio without putting himself at risk.

He said: ''Even if it is only me and two other people in the studio and they are people that I know and trust and we all go back and are safe at home and everything.

''It's as soon as you come into contact with one person on a train or in a cafe, it makes a farce of the whole thing because now how do you know where that person has been? Or how far they have travelled? Or where they are heading? Or if I have something ... I don't know.

''That's the bit that my brain starts to go, 'Woah.'''

George has actually turned to an alternative form of transport in order to calm his coronavirus fears.

The chart-topping star explained on his 'Phone A Friend' podcast: ''I've been taking my little push scooter, it has no engine or anything. It's just a micro-scooter.''

Last month, George admitted he ''can't comprehend'' how festivals will happen in the future.

The 'Budapest' hitmaker said: ''I have started thinking, what is our industry going to look like?

''Because what we offer is entertainment for people but how can you do a show?

''You get 100,000 people standing at the front of the Pyramid stage at Glastonbury and I just can't comprehend that now.''