Our ‘Geri Halliwell loves’ list is getting longer; so far we’ve got ‘yoga’ and the ‘British flag’, but we’re confidently penning in ‘tigers’ to that list now, after she and Prince Philip enjoyed a nice day out to London Zoo to see some big cats.

They were attended the opening of a new £3.6million tiger enclosure at the zoo, and, while her and Prince Philip wouldn’t seem like likely chums, their interest in all things mammal brought them together to see the latest attraction at London Zoo. Clearly delighted with her day, the Spice Girl tweeted a photo of her and one of the lucky tigers, with the caption: "A prince, a tiger and a beehive, it's amazing what makes a girl happy." The Tiger Territory is home to the Zoo's two critically endangered Sumatran tigers. The 186-year-old site has undergone a massive redevelopment to build the brand new £3.6 million enclosure. The Sumatran tigers will be on show tomorrow (March 22) when the enclosure fully opens. Well, not fully, that would be very dangerous. Prince Philip, 91, was seemingly in high spirits, laughing and joking as he strolled around the zoo.

Geri HalliwellGeri Halliwell at The Zoo

Halliwell has embraced social media recently, taking to her Twitter account more and more. She let people know, “Ok I'm a minga in the mornings! (sic)”, and accompanied this post with a picture of her looking pretty dishevelled, and with a small dog covering her modesty. We just wonder if Prince Philip has seen that photo or not.