Ginger Baker's dreams of restful retirement have been dashed - the drum legend has been forced to tour because he is struggling financially.
The former Cream star is currently playing live shows with Ginger Baker's Jazz Confusion, but he admits performing at 72 years old isn't easy.
He tells Britain's Viva Brighton magazine, "People seem to think I'm super rich because of Cream and I'm f**king struggling big time... I thought I'd retire, but I outlived the money, so I've got to work. It's a good band, it's going down incredibly well wherever we play, but it's like I've gone back 50 years in my career; we've got to go out and prove ourselves again."
However, Baker is adamant his drumming is "better than ever" despite his failing health.
He adds, "I get a lot of migraines nowadays, which affect my sight. (I'm) an arthritic cripple... All I've got left is my ability to play. I'm playing better than ever."