Goldie Hawn raised her daughter Kate Hudson to be ''self-sustaining''.

The 69-year-old actress - who also has son Oliver Hudson, 39, from her marriage to her second husband Bill Hudson - made sure she instilled a sense of independence in Kate, 36, and taught her to always work for herself.

Speaking on TV show 'Loose Women', she said: ''Kate is in a similar situation to what I was. Self-sustaining in many ways, obviously financially. And our children have grown up also understanding that's a fair deal. Women working for themselves isn't such a bad thing.''

Kate was previously married to Black Crowes singer Chris Robinson - with whom she has son Ryder, 11, with - and split from her fiancé Muse singer Matt Bellamy in December 2014. Kate and Matt have four-year-old son Bingham together.

Goldie has been in a relationship with actor Kurt Russell since 1983, after falling in love with him on the set of their film 'Swing Shift'.

After a lifetime of happiness together, Goldie has no intention of ever marrying Kurt, 64, because she considers marriage to be nothing more than a ''business deal''.

The 'Housesitter' star - whose first spouse was dancer-and-director Gus Trikonis - insisted: ''We've both been married before, it didn't work, so why do it again? A marriage ends up being a business deal, no matter how long or short it is somebody owes somebody money. I was at the short end of the stick on that one.

''I just looked and thought this was ridiculous, this kind of thing when you're together, two, three, four or even five years. It's an inappropriate amount of money to have to pay.

''It's ridiculous to have to base your relationship on money. Money can destroy people it really can. It's nice for a woman to go out and have her own money and her own ability to do what she wants.''

Goldie also revealed what she believes the secret to a long-lasting relationship is.

She mused: ''We're all different, you enter a relationship with a fingerprint that's all your own, and you want to be able to know how to match your fingerprint to somebody else's, and it doesn't. So you work around it, you find the things that are working for you, and things that aren't working for you, and we go through stages of our lives. So we have to be very self-aware, and very reflective and extremely empathetic toward the other person, and forgiving.''