Green Day don't think Barack Obama deserves the Nobel Peace Prize yet.

The 'American Idiot' rockers said they don't understand exactly why the current US president has been awarded one of the most prestigious prizes in the world after only nine months in office.

Lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong said: "He's got a lot of work to do. I mean, he's got a huge job, you know.

"Winning the Nobel Peace Prize - they might have been premature on that, you know, you've got to create a little bit more peace before you get something like that."

The songwriter, singer and guitarist also said he prefers looking for free porn on the internet to Googling his own name.

He added during an interview with Absolute Radio Hometime DJ Geoff Lloyd: "It's much easier to Google free porn than it is... I like Googling like Megan Fox, it's much more interesting than Green Day."

Green Day - completed by bassist Mike Dirnt and drummer Tre Cool - are presently on a world tour in support of their latest album '21st Century Breakdown'.