Harrison Ford was ''almost killed'' by actor Garrett Wang when he very nearly ran him over.

The 'Star Trek: Voyager' star has confessed to coming perilously close to ''maiming'' the iconic actor - who is best known for starring as Han Solo in the 'Star Wars' movies, which is often considered to be the rival franchise to 'Star Trek' among fans - when he was ''speeding'' around the parking lot at Paramount Studios after being late to an audition.

Recalling the close call, Garrett said: ''I'm actually speeding around the [Paramount Studios] parking lot, and I come around this one bend, and this guy in a suit walks between two cars right in front of my car, so I slam on my brakes.

''You know when you almost have an accident; your heart is beating a thousand miles a minute? I lock eyes with this dude in the suit, and it's Harrison Ford! I look at him, and I go 'Oh my god! I almost killed Han Solo!' I would have been hated by nerds everywhere!''

Garrett - who played Ensign Harry Kim in 'Star Trek: Voyager' from 1995 to 2001 - later discovered Harrison was at the studios for a screening of the 1994 movie 'Clear and Present Danger', and couldn't believe he had almost ''crippled'' the iconic movie star.

Speaking on the 'Delta Flyers' podcast, the 51-year-old actor said: ''I remember reading the Variety paper, our Hollywood trade paper, the next day, and on the front page was a photo that said 'Harrison Ford at Paramount Studios for the 'Clear and Present Danger' screening.' He was there for that, based on the Tom Clancy novel, wearing that same suit I almost maimed him in. He could have been a cripple, because of me.''

Meanwhile, Harrison is no stranger to living dangerously, as last year he revealed he's keen to become a qualified skydiver.

The 77-year-old actor jumped out of plane in New Zealand because his teenage son Liam Flockhart ''wanted to'' and, although he was initially hesitant, the 'Indiana Jones' star really enjoyed falling to the ground while strapped to a parachute and would now like to take the training to become a solo skydiver.

He said: ''[I was] strapped to the chest of a real skydiver. Next time, I want to leave that guy on the ground. He seemed like a very nice guy, but I want to take the training and then be able to do it myself.''