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Hot Chip
Ready For The Floor
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Hot Chip Ready For The Floor Single

The force that is Hot Chip grows ever-stronger with their new single, 'Ready For The Floor'. Anyone fearing that their slightly-cutesy low-key electro pop might start wearing a little thin can lay their worries to rest, right now. Alexis's vocals are endearing, just the right side of twee and when the rest of the band join in, they illuminate the gorgeously simple melodies. The multi-layered synths are lively and elevated. This is modern pop music at its relaxed best.

As for the remix, Soulwax's Dub mix looks likely to be a passionless flop until about half way through when they feed the track to a robot and record what happens when he spits it out. Fat, dirty synths are revving all over the place until the arpeggio army comes and takes over. Theatrical drums finish the track off with a flourish. It's powerful enough to perm your hair, this one.

The Jesse Rose mix is a more compacted affair, easier to latch onto what he's trying to do with the track. And what he's trying to do is drag it across the ocean, ad a bit of TTC / Justice style electro dance floor nonsense to it. And very well he does, too.
Meanwhile the Diplo mix of 'Shake A Fist' is effortlessly accomplished, like he smashed the track into a thousand pieces and threw it back together onto magnetic tape covered in Pritt Stick and hey, it just happened to sound totally fresh and unique. How very Diplo of him.

Hayley Avron

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