Hugh Grant was a big hit as a waiter at a popular London restaurant in his youth, because he flirted with the regular gay clientele.

The Four Weddings & A Funeral star has had a string of odd jobs, but he recalls being particularly good at waiting tables and cleaning toilets.

He tells Wenn, "I was a very good waiter in a restaurant that catered to a gay clientele on the Kings Road. I got a lot of tips because I was very flirty and would wiggle my bottom.

"And I cleaned many lavatories. I was rather good at it. I remember I was cleaning lavatories at Ibm in London and I was on my way to work and I was thinking I really can't stand this another day; I wish the place would burn down. And as I turned the corner it was burning down! And I didn't know I had that power! And I've tried not to use it too much since."

But his worst job was driving new cars, adding, "We were supposed to drive them at 20 miles an hour and I drove one at 120 miles an hour and crashed it, so I was fired from that job."