Hugh Jackman will return to Broadway in 'The Music Man' in 2021.

The 51-year-old actor had been set to star alongside Sutton Foster in the revival of the musical in October but the Covid-19 pandemic has pushed the start of the production to next year.

Hugh wrote on Instagram: ''Performing on Broadway is a great honour for an actor; in fact one of the greatest. No two shows are exactly alike, in large part due to the audience. Show One is filled with anticipation, fear and excitement. It's like an opening night eight times a week; the energy in theatre is palpable.

''It is those same feelings that happen every show thereafter - and you and I are going through it together.

''The change of dates will not take any of that away. What it will do, however, is help to ensure The Music Man audiences, and our company, are in a completely safe environment. Can't wait for that day!''

Previews for the show are slated to begin at Broadway's Winter Garden Theatre on April 7, 2021.

'The Music Man' tells the story of travelling salesman Harold Hill, who poses as a music professor to convince residents of a naive town to give him money for instruments to organise a band.

Harold, who will be played by Jackman in the production, plots to leave town with the money but his plans are thrown into chaos when he falls for local librarian Marian, who will be portrayed by Foster.