Not only are the Tonys hilarious, entertaining… glittery, etc. – they’re also pretty democratic. In an over-the top show hosted by Hugh Jackman, top prizes went to A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder, Beautiful: The Carol King Musical, as well as competitors Robert Schenkkan’s All the Way for best play, to Hedwig and the Angry Inch for best musical revival, and to A Raisin in the Sun for best play revival, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Hugh Jackman
Ten years after his first time hoSting, Jackman has gotten even better.

As for Hugh Jackman, who hosted the musical theatre awards for the first time in a decade, the Wolverine star did not disappoint. Jackman gave it his all straight from the opening sequence, which to be fair, is often the centerpiece of the show. That Wolverine training must have come in handy, as Jackman  he hopped his way through the theater and backstage, down the aisles and into an elevator before making his way to the main stage for the show's opening.

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He got some help for the opening number too, in the form of cameos from Neil Patrick Harris, Jersey Boys director Clint Eastwood and even Sting, the cast members from several Broadway shows all made cameos in the four-minute sequence. If you were wondering, Hugh Jackman’s dance game is still on point.

During his opening monologue, Jackman poked fun at himself, saying, "Tonight is a celebration of Broadway, the only place you can see Rocky in a boxing ring, Bryan Cranston in the Oval Office, and Wolverine in tap shoes."

Neil Patrick Harris
Neil Patrick Harris also made a appearance, natch.

He also joked about Harvey Fierstein's play Casa Valentina. "It highlights the tension between married men who cross dress and the gay community, two sides that never understood each other. It's kind of like people who are against same-sex marriage and people who mind their own business," he said.

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