Hulk Hogan says people ''freak out'' when they see him walking his pet Chihuahuas, Pebbles and Pumpkin Spice.

The 60-year-old WWE Superstar has revealed his neighbours in North Clearwater Beach, Florida, are always surprised when they catch him out with the tiny pooches as they expect him to have more manly dogs because he's a muscle-bound wrestling legend.

During an appearance on British TV show 'Loose Women', he said: ''My wife Jennifer is an amazing cook and she's into all the organic stuff and the juicing and the healthy stuff but I'm the guy who walks the Chihuahuas. Everybody expects me to walk these big dogs around but I always walk the girl dogs, Pebbles and Pumpkin Spice. Everybody freaks out when they see me with these little dogs.''

Hogan's five-decade spanning career in the ring and on the big screen has made him one of the most recognisable people in the world but he insists when he's at home with Jennifer he's just Terry Bollea.

He said: ''Wherever I go - my real name is Terry - and so when I go outside people don't go 'Hey! Terry, how you doing?' They go, 'Hey Hulk! What's up brother?' I have to be Hulk Hogan the moment I walk out the door but when I come home I take the bandanna off the bald head and I don't wear red and yellow, and I put my board shorts on because I'm a beach bum. At home I get to be Terry.''

Hogan is currently in the UK as part of the 'WWE Live WrestleMania Revenge' tour and will act as the host of 'SmackDown' when the TV show is taped at The O2 arena in London on Tuesday night (20.05.14).