Rapper/actor Ice-T is a stone-cold killer when he's gaming with his Sex Money & Guns crew online.

The hip-hop icon and his pal Xzibit have formed a group for international Call of Duty clashes and he insists that when they all get together to play the war game, opponents should prepare to put down the controller.

He says, "When we come through, you just might as well lay down... We got a kid from Liverpool (England) who plays with us. We just all get together and kill people.

"We had one kid that was, like, a paraplegic, who could never leave the wheelchair. He was really, really, really good... He just played video games all the time. He was very dangerous. He was one of our best players."

But his love of war games can sometimes get a little out of control: "I'm screaming at the Tv... and (wife) Coco's on the phone with her friends and they hear me yelling, and they're like, 'Is everything Ok?'"