Idina Menzel has been inspired by Led Zeppelin.

The singer and actress has included Zeppelin's 'Black Dog' into the set of her 2017 world tour, combining it with her own song 'Cake', which she says was inspired by the legendary rockers.

She told Billboard: '''Cake' always reminded me having a little Zeppelin in it, so I thought, 'Wouldn't it be cool to maybe segue into a Zeppelin song I love. The funny thing is it's hard to find Zeppelin tunes, lyrically, that fit 'because they were so high all the time and always talking about meadows and weird, hippie kind of lyrics. 'Cake' is a sexy kind of song, so 'Black Dog' seemed to fit the best. The band was like, 'Who cares? We'll put in a Zeppelin song that fits the groove,' but to me the lyric has to make sense, too.''

And the 46-year-old star would love to include the mash-up in a live album.

She said: ''I always think 'live album' and they always tell you they don't sell very well. I love live albums, so it's possible. Or it might be more I go into the studio and record one of the covers I've been doing that people have really been digging. But I'd love to televise the show and record it, but it's very expensive, and you don't make a lot of money on recorded music these days.''