Iggy Azalea throws her knickers away after one wear.

The 'Fancy' hitmaker, 24, treats herself to some new lingerie before every show, but she admits she doesn't get much use out of them as she bins them after the gig because she doesn't like to wear them twice.

Speaking on the Kiss FM radio Breakfast Show, she said: ''Every show I get a new pair of underwear. I put it on and then I throw it out after and that's the end.''

However, the Iggy isn't the only pop star to throw out underwear after a concert as Rita Ora - who teamed up with Iggy on 'Black Widow' - does exactly the same.

Rita added: ''We don't see the same underwear twice.''

Meanwhile, despite her lavish lifestyle, Iggy - who is dating NBA star Nick Young - insists she likes nothing more than lounging around her house with no make-up on, while wearing comfortable, loose, clothing.

She explained: ''I like to pretend like I'm working out and just walk around in my joggers, I spend my whole day like that. I have plenty of photo evidence online of me looking like a little boy. Sometimes I don't care and I just take pictures without my make-up on, like at the airport and stuff, and other times I do care. ''

Rita, 23, added: ''There's nothing better than putting on a pair of sneaks and some tracksuit bottoms.''