Jada Pinkett Smith was nervous about replacing Matthew Mcconaughey in the 'Magic Mike' sequel.

The 43-year-old actress was cast as strip club MC and Channing Tatum's character Mike's ex-girlfriend Rome in 'Magic Mike XXL' after they failed to secure McConaughey for the sequel and she's confessed she was sceptical about replacing him at first.

Speaking about being offered the role, she said: ''I was thinking, 'Aargh, I can't compete with Matthew'.''

However, Jada was less worried about having to flash her flesh in the upcoming film, admitting she was ''good to go''.

The 'Gotham' star met Tatum after he shot to fame in 'Step Up' in 2006 and has been desperate to work with him ever since.

She explained: ''I'd met Channing a long time ago. I had a general meeting with him about a movie I was producing at the time that he was too young for, but I wanted to meet him anyway. It was right after, 'Step Up'. I was like, 'Who. Is. He?'

Jada also admitted that although she's happily married to husband Will Smith, it felt good to be surrounded by a cast of hunky men including Tatum, Joe Manganiello, Adam Rodriguez and Matt Bomer.

She added to The Sunday Times newspaper's Style magazine: ''My experience as a woman has been that I can see one man who inspires me. One man at a time. But to have a group to acknowledge and validate you... You know what I mean?''