Jake Gyllenhaal is in talks to star in Guy Ritchie's new movie.

The 40-year-old actor is set to appear in the latest flick from the 'Snatch' director, that will produced by Miramax with Guy both writing and directing.

Not much is known about the film but it is excepted to follow Guy's usual style of filmmaking. Insiders say that the picture is expected to shoot at the end of the year, meaning that it will be Jake's next project.

The 'Donnie Darko' star has recently been cast in superhero movie 'Prophet' where he will play the lead character.

The film will be directed by 'Extraction' helmer Sam Hargrave and is based on the Image comic book from 'Deadpool' creator Rob Liefeld.

It centres on the character of John Prophet, a man who gains superhuman strength after being subjected to scientific experiments by the Germans during World War II.

Marc Guggenheim is writing the script for the comic book adaptation, with Studio8's Jeff Robinov and John Graham producing with Prime Universe Films' Liefeld, Adrian Askarieh and Brooklyn Weaver.

Studio8 CEO Robinov said: "It's been a goal of ours to work with Jake and Sam for quite some time, so we're very excited to finally be collaborating with them on this unique, action-packed genre film.

"I'm looking forward to seeing what they envision for bringing this story to life – a story we're sure will stand out in the comic book world as a powerful, emotionally charged and visually distinctive film."

Jake has recently starred in Antoine Fuqua's 'The Guilty' and explained how he "trapped" as he had to sit in a chair for the duration of filming.

Jake, who plays the role of 911 call operator Joe Bayler in the movie, said: "It was 20 pages a day shooting 20-30 minute takes. And I thrive in that space, but I was trapped in a chair. Antoine trapped me in a chair.

"Every time I wanted to move, I'm a very physical person, a very full-bodied actor, and to only be a chair and having to express ended up doing a number on me as we got farther and farther into the story.

"Stillness is one thing, but then being trapped is another thing, and it brought out a lot of feelings in me and reveals a lot about this character too."