Good friends Nick Grimshaw and James Corden shared an intimate (and kind of tonguey) kiss at last night’s BRIT awards, much to the delight of the crowd. The kiss marked the final time that Corden would present the awards show, and also seemed to make quite an impression on Nick who then propositioned his friend: "We can be happy together. Just leave your wife! We can bring up that child on our own."

lisa marie michael jacksonLisa Marie and Michael Jackson shared a kiss on stage at the MTV VMAs

Famous people kissing has become almost as much a part of awards shows these days as presenting and receiving the actual awards themselves!

Michael Jackson and then wife Lisa Marie Presley started the trend back in 1994 at the MTV VMAS. The King of Pop appeared hand in hand with his wife, Elvis’ granddaughter, Lisa Marie, who looked more than a little nervous about the whole situation. Michael then welcomed everybody to the VMA awards before telling the crowd "Nobody thought that this would last", referring to his marriage, and planting a huge kiss on his wife’s lips before walking off stage. Funnily enough, it didn’t last.

2003 was a big year for on stage award kisses. Adrian Brody became the youngest man to ever win the Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role before proceeding to sweep Halle Berry off her feet for an extremely passionate embrace. Halle didn’t seem to mind one bit, but then again we can’t think of many women that would.

adrian brody halle berryAdrian Brody and Halle Berry kissed at the Oscars in 2003

If it were any other year Adrian’s kiss with Halle would have been one of the most memorable moments of 2003. However, their kiss was dramatically outshined at that year’s MTV VMAs (the VMAs have definitely proven themselves to be the most risque awards!) when Britney and Madonna shared that kiss! It’s become so famous that everybody seems to have forgotten that Christina Aguilera was also on stage with them at the same time.

We’ll never stop lamenting the end of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, but fortunately we can still look back at the MTV Movie Awards 2009 and remember the pair when they were still budding young lovers. K-Stew and R-Patz didn’t actually go through with the kiss in the end, but the tension of the pre-kiss is enough for us!

robert pattinson kristen stewartExes Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart nearly kissed at the MTV Movie Awards

The 2010 Critics’ Choice Awards saw a kiss from the most unlikely pair on our list.  Meryl Streep and Sandra Bullock puckered up to prove that there was no hostility between them, despite both being in the running to win the Academy Award for Best Actress. After pretending to be angry with Meryl, the pair launched into a passionate, open-mouthed kiss.

We never thought we’d see the day! Which unlikely couple would you like to see share a kiss at an awards ceremony?