Jamie Foxx could soon be sending shockwaves to audiences after it has emerged that he is to take on the shocking role of supervillain Electro in the planned sequel to this summers electrifying The Amazing Spider-Man (OK, no more puns).

According to Variety, the Oscar winner will star as at least one of the villains in Marc Webb's planned sequel to this year's triumphant return to the screen by Spidey. Although the news is still unconfirmed from movie execs, both Foxx and Webb have given some glaring hints that this is the case. Foxx tweeted on Thursday (Nov. 1) "Dressed up as Electro for Halloween last night. Costume fits well." Meanwhile Webb said at a recent promotional event for The Amazing Spider-Man DVD release,: "I think Jamie Foxx is electrifying! You'll be hearing more on that shortly I'm sure."

Electro (real name Max Dillon) has been a mainstay in the Marvel comics' Spider Man series since his debut in February 1964 and although he has made countless appearances in TV versions of the web slinging adventures, this would mark his first appearance on the silver screen. Dillon gained his powers (control over electricity) when he was struck by lightning while working on a power cable, but don't go trying that yourselves.