Jane Fonda intends to lose 10 pounds before she returns to filming on her TV show 'Grace and Frankie'.

The 82-year-old actress and her castmates Lily Tomlin, Martin Sheen and Brooklyn Decker all had to stop work on the seventh and final season of the Netflix series in March when the COVID-19 pandemic began to sweep across the globe in March.

Fonda has gained some weight since whilst isolating at home but she will make sure that she is back to her best shape when the cameras start rolling again.

In an interview with The New York Times, she said: ''There was a time when I was anorexic, but I never got below 112 (pounds). I don't let it get too far out of hand.

''I'm not at my fighting weight right now. I'm 127. My fighting weight is about 119. So, you know, when we get three weeks out from shooting 'Grace and Frankie', I'll lose 10 pounds.''

The 'Coming Home' star was one of the pioneers of home workouts in the 1980s and her keep-fit videos and books sold by their millions across the world and she stays in great shape now with a personal trainer and following a healthy diet.

At the start of this year, Fonda decided to go grey and stop dying her hair blonde, and she admits the producers on 'Grace and Frankie' supported her decision.

She said: ''I went grey at just the right moment. I didn't know COVID was coming along. I got tired of the chemicals and the time and the money to keep myself this particular colour of blonde, you know - enough already! And so I talked to the producers of 'Grace and Frankie' and I said, 'I want to go grey, but that would mean that Grace is going to have to go grey,' and they were all for it.''