Jennifer Aniston may be one of Hollywood's most sought-after leading ladies, but she still finds time to be the brand ambassador for Aveeno skincare products.

 The 45 year-old recently voiced over a clip for Aveeno titled 'The Beauty Of Nature', which shows "what it means to feel naturally beautiful with ingredients from nature."

Jennifer Aniston
Aniston is the ambassador of the skincare product Aveeno

Aniston is the ambassador of the company for a reason, she has been able to maintain her desirable looks and youthful skin despite being mid-way thought her 40's.

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So what is Jen's beauty secrets?

The former 'Friends' star recently opened up to Women's Wear Daily about the prospect of aging and her own natural beauty.

"Women and men today in their 40s are so much healthier than they were 30 years ago in their 40s," Aniston told WWD. "It was a different time. We know how to take care ourselves."

Aniston also notes that having a healthy diet is a huge part of looking beautiful, and the advancement in today's treatments is also makes a vast improvement.

Watch Aveeno's 'The Beauty of Nature' video, featuring Jennifer Aniston, below

"We know what to put in our bodies to fuel us that's healthy and organic and not processed, and the importance of drinking water and cutting out sugars and bad fats," she continued. "Before, we just didn't know that, and we didn't have the technology with skin care that we have today."

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And that is when Aveeno comes in, Aniston is a big fan of product due to its simplicity and the natural ingredients that create the skincare creams.

"I always like to read labels so I know what's going into our food and what's going into our bodies. I thought it was really fun to see what's going into our skin," she told E!News when discussing the product.

Justin Theroux's fiancé noted that she has been using Aveeno for several years now because "It's also accessible, it's affordable, it's not in a big fancy bottle."

Jennifer Aniston
Jen still maintains great skin, even at the age of 45