Life of Crime sees Jennifer Aniston put in the awkward position of  unwanted hostage; her husband (Tim Robbins) wants rid so won’t put up the ransom, and the kidnappers have a dud payload on their hands.

Jennifer AnistonJennifer Aniston is faced with a troubling predicement

Robbins’ character is a business trip-taking, lascivious, adulterous pig, who has been indulging in a long-running affair while his wife stays at home. On one of these so-called business trips, a couple of chancer criminals attempt to extort a million dollars from him by kidnapping Aniston, only to find out he values her a big fat $0. 

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In this crime comedy caper, based on Elmore Leonard’s book, ‘The Switch”, Daniel Schechter faithfully recreates a 1970s Detroit with Mos Def, Isla Fisher, Will Forte, Mark Boone Junior, John Hawkes, Seana Kofoed, Alex Ladovea and Chyna Layne comprising an impressive supporting cast. 

Life of CrimeHow can she get out of this one?

It wasn’t easy,” said Schechter of bringing the 70s to the screen once more. “The two largest locations in this film were two very different houses that needed to be impressive, photogenic, appropriate, available and then, of course, period. In fact, one of them had to look more 50′s than 70′s. Even if you could remove every stick of furniture and re-wallpaper the house, what about the stoves, cabinets, tiling, counters, etc.?”

“Mike Hartel did the locations and hit a home run and saved our asses. I still marvel at what we found and how we got it done. Love those locations so much. But it was hard to get wide shots of exteriors, hard to avoid modern cars, it was expensive to rent old cars, and dress extras, re-decorate homes/locations… but it was all worth it,” he continued in his interview with Film-maker. 

Jennifer Aniston in Life of Crime"Life of Crime" is out in the U.K on September 5