The online streaming service Hulu has unveiled a replica 'Seinfeld' apartment to mark the debut of all the episodes of the classic sitcom on its website. Fans of the show can reminisce in a pop-up real life replica on New York's Upper West Side.

Jerry SeinfeldJerry Seinfeld is now even richer

'Seinfeld: The Apartment' will be open through till Sunday, featuring original items from the TV set, a memorabilia gallery and an interactive fan experience. 

"I think it is going to be like Disneyland for so many of the fans," said actor Larry Thomas, who played immigrant chef the 'Soup Nazi' in the classic sitcom."

"There are like 13-year-olds that come up to me and they love the show and stuff," said Thomas. "It's going to be introduced to a lot of new people."

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Fans can lounge around in the 3,500 square foot apartment, sitting in the original sofa and even recreate Kramer's famous stumbling entrance into the apartment.

Hulu acquired all nine seasons of the show, created by Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David, in a deal announced in April. It was reported that the streaming service paid $160 million for the rights, fending off competition from the likes of Netflix.

In 2013, the Writer's Guild of America named Seinfeld the second best written TV series of all time (behind The Sopranos), while that same year, Entertainment Weekly named it the third best TV series of all time.

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