Jessica Simpson has learned to embrace her ''natural beauty''.

The 40-year-old star - who recently opened up about her partnership with Eucrisa and her battle with eczema - has opened up candidly about overcoming her insecurities.

She told ''I've had eczema since I was a kid.

''I remember being a cheerleader and being eager to put on my varsity jacket after a game because I had so many bumps on the back of my arms.''

The skin condition resurfaced following the birth of her 17-month-old daughter Birdie.

She added: ''I would be cradling my baby or breastfeeding, and my husband would take photos and I would be so embarrassed.

''The light would hit my arms and all you could see were bumps, and I never wanted to share those moments.''

As well as working with Eucrisa, Jessica has also ditched her hair extensions and tried to embrace a more natural and unfiltered side of herself.

She said: ''I'm very into embracing my natural beauty. I'm embracing all of it.''

And being at home during the coronavirus pandemic has given her the chance to spend more time with her family.

She admitted: ''Yes, sometimes I do want to pull my hair out, but they've been teaching me so much more than I could ever imagine during this time.''

Meanwhile, Jessica lost 100lbs last year by changing her diet.

The star ballooned to 240lbs when she was pregnant with Birdie but managed to get back to her pre-baby weight in six months thanks to some help from her trainer Harley Pasternak.

He said: ''It's not about the workouts. You don't lose weight doing biceps curls and lunges. You lose weight by changing your diet, hitting your step goal, working on your sleep ... those were the things she did so well.''

He also revealed that Jessica followed the principles of his 2013 book, 'The Body Reset Diet' and had three meals and two snacks a day with protein, fiber and healthy fat.