Warner Brothers Pictures announced this week that they have decided to drop the planned sequel to the Farrelly brothers' 1994 comedy Dumb & Dumber, putting the project in limbo for the umpteenth time since the film-making siblings started work on the project.

Having come back from the brink so many times before though, the project might still be made, although being dropped by the film company may just prove to be the final nail needed to shut the coffin on this doomed sequel for good. New Line - who are owned by Warners and released the original film - had predicted a $30 million budget was needed to film the sequel, an amount that was apparently deemed too much and spelled the latest stumbling block for the project. Although the original financier had deemed the project too risky, this might not spell the end of Dumb & Dumber 2 just yet though, as now the Farrelly's are free to shop around and see who else might be interested, if anyone in Hollywood is interested in the project that is.

However bleak it may seem, there remains hope that filming for the sequel will happen nonetheless, with original stars Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniel having already pledged their interest in the project and the Farrelly's script all but finished. There is still a big if hanging over the project, but it isn't completely doomed, and as long as the script is better than the God-awful prequel then we may very well have a Dumb & Dumber 2 at some point.

In the meantime, Carrey has a host of projects in the pipeline, with parts in the sequels to Kick-Ass and Anchorman coming up this year, as well the comedies Ricky Stanicky and Loomis Fargo.

Jeff Daniels Golden Globes
Daniels is commited to the sequel

Jim Carrey Late Show
Carrey has a host of other projects in the pipeline