The battle between Fox News and Jim Carrey continues. Well, it continues on one side anyway. After the actor made and posted a humorous video ridiculing the opponents of stricter gun control policies in the US, he received enormous backlash from many Fox hosts, newscasters and commentators. The video, entitled “Cold Dead Hand”, which was posted on Funny or Die, aims to ridicule so-called “hick” culture in America and references western actor Charlton Heston.

One of its most vocal critics was Greg Guthried, who tried to get Carrey to respond over Twitter, and then critiqued his video on Fox’s The Five on Friday. “I guess Jimmy thought he couldn’t lose to a debate to a dead man. That’s what’s really funny. He did. And now Charlton Heston has a brighter future in films than Jim Carrey.” The host first called the comedian to go on Fox News and defend the video and referred to him as a “pathetic tool” On Friday, Bob Beckel, another host on The Five, read portions of Carey’s statement to prove that Guthried really had gotten to the actor. “He issued a press release, which is basically a complete meltdown,” Gutfeld said. “This is a guy that insulted most of America and danced on the grave of Charlton Heston. Jim Carrey is, in this letter, threatening legal action -- something Charlton Heston can’t do because Charlton Heston is dead. That was the whole point, to stand up for somebody who couldn’t talk back to a fool like Jim Carrey.”

We’ll keep you updated on where the chain of overreactions goes next.

Jim Carrey, The Late Show
Carrey's parody ruffled a lot of feathers at Fox News.