British actor Jim Sturgess' latest movie literally made him sick - because he spent so much time upside down, strapped into a chair.
The Across The Universe star teamed up with Kirsten Dunst for surreal new film Upside Down, in which the two actors play lovers from different dimensions.
In the "crazy film", Sturgess spent several scenes defying gravity by walking around and sitting upside down.
He tells WENN, "It's gonna be amazing to watch. It's drummed up by this amazing Argentinian called Juan Diego Solanas and he basically had this dream about two people from two worlds that were upside down from each other and, to get to the other world, you had to sort of defy gravity.
"So I go into the other world and walk around on the ceilings. They actually gave me this contraption, it was in my dressing room that I had to sit on which spun me upside down so I could spend long periods of time upside down.
"Despite that I spent a lot of my time in a harness turned upside down being sick in my mouth!"