It’s hard to see our keyboard through the tears, but we’re just about managing to type this through wracking sobs: JLS have split.

Called JLS as an abbreviation of Jack The Lad Swing, the four-piece boy band came second in the X Factor in 2008, but far surpassed the success of the singer who beat them, Alexandra Burke, by going on to clock four top three UK albums, including a number one for their self-titled debut in 2009. The group also enjoyed five UK number one singles, although they never managed to make it big in America as One Direction and The Wanted have since done. A message written on the group’s official website confirmed the split, with the statement reading: "To each and every JLSter, our beloved fans around the world. We wanted to make sure that you heard it from the four of us, that we have decided to bring our time as a band to an end.”

Continuing, it added, "It has been the most incredible journey over the last six years and we have achieved more things than we could have ever dreamed possible. Thanks to all of you guys, your support, your dedication and your love, you have changed our lives forever and we wouldn't be where we are today without you.” The group confirmed that they would be releasing one more album, as well as playing a farewell tour. "We are currently in the studio working on what will be our last album - Goodbye: The Greatest Hits. We will be bringing you a new single later in the year to coincide with the album and the tour,” the statement read, adding "Goodbye: The Greatest Hits Tour will be the last time that we will perform together as a 4 and we want to make sure that this tour is the best ever and that we end on a high! We will always remain brothers and friends and we will always be your boys." What is this life?

Some of JLS' biggest hits below:

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Which they followed up with another, 'Everybody In Love'

JLS 2010 Number One 'The Club Is Alive'

JLS' Dev collaboration 'She Makes Me Wanna'

Last year's top 10 single 'Proud'