Jon Bon Jovi made a surprise appearance during a virtual lesson at a Florida kindergarten on Monday (13.04.20).

The 58-year-old music star appeared before children at Marsh Pointe Elementary School via a laptop during a writing lesson about life in quarantine, having previously released an incomplete version of 'Do What You Can' - which focuses on the battle to contain the coronavirus - and asked fans to submit verses to help complete the song.

Michael Bonick, a teacher at the school in Palm Beach Gardens and a long-time Bon Jovi fan, saw the award-winning singer's invitation and decided to contact a member of his staff.

Then, Bonick sent on his students' work about their experiences in quarantine amid the pandemic, according to the Palm Beach Post newspaper.

Jon read their writings about the impact of the virus and decided to make a personal appearance during one of their school lessons.

The 'Livin' on a Prayer' hitmaker told them via a laptop: ''Mr. B got you guys writing and I was very excited to hear that, because if you get to put your feelings down on paper sometimes they'll turn into songs, sometimes they'll turn into stories and you never know where it might lead you.''

During his on-screen appearance, The 'Always' singer performed songs that featured the work of some of the kindergartners about their experiences of life in quarantine.

He also congratulated the children on their efforts, including a boy named A.J.

Jon told him: ''You're a rock and roll star. We wrote this one together, me and you, buddy.''

Meanwhile, the teacher admitted that his children all loved their time with the music icon.

He said: ''They were blown away. They loved every minute of it.''