On October 1st of this year Julianne Moore had a police report filed regarding missing jewellery of hers amounting to $127,000.

From June until the end of August, this summer, Ms Moore was having her apartment renovated and it was during this time that she had 10 pieces of jewellery stolen, including, according to ABC News, a $33,000 Cartier platinum and diamond bracelet, as well as four Cartier watches. While her home was being renovated between 15 and 25 construction workers had access to the entire property, but as yet no arrests have been made.

Julianne Moore isn't the only poor celebrity to be a beacon for robberies. Paris Hilton had $2m of jewellery stolen in 2008 and Kate Moss had precious artworks stolen from her home while she was in the building. Furthermore, where Ms Moore's unfortunate robbery seems to be a crime of opportunity, Rachel Bilson, Orlando Bloom, Megan Fox and Lindsay Lohan have all been the victims of “The Burglary Bunch” in Hollywood, CA, who especially target celebrities.

Sofia Cuppola (The Virgin Suicides, Marie Antoinette) is currently in the process of directing an adaptation of the actual events of 'The Burglary Bunch' in a film called 'Bling Ring', with Emma Watson recently confirmed to star. They began filming in March this year, with a release date currently set for some-time in 2013.