Justin Bieber mugJustin Bieber mugshot
Justin's mugshot following his arrest on Thursday, 23 Jan.

You can't act like Justin Bieber does without thinking, even at the back, right into the furthest reaches of your mind, that something bad will happen to you as justification for your antics. Increasingly wanting to present himself as a 'badboy' and not the teeny bopper he was when he shot to fame, it's almost as if Justin has been trying to get himself arrested, for all the good it'll do to his street cred. On Thursday, 23 January, morning, this apparent wish was finally granted.

Justin was arrested in the small hours of Thursday morning for driving under the influence, with cops telling TMZ afterwards that it certainly wasn't made easy by Justin. Allegedly, police found him way over the limit and when they tried to stick the cuffs on him, he resisted arrest and cussed at the arresting officer repeatedly. The report from TMZ goes on to state that Justin was found by police on Miami Beach and when he was finally taken in he was busted for resisting arrest without violence, drag racing and driving on an expired license, all in addition to his DUI.

Police go on to state that Justin blew a .04 rating on the breathalyser, which wouldn't make him qualify for a DUI normally, but because Justin is 19 and Florida has a zero tolerance on under-21 drink driving he was charged with a DUI. Police also state that Justin admitted to having taken drugs too, admitting to taking some prescription medicine and smoking weed.

Miami Beach Dade County Jail
Pre-Trial Detention Center for Miami Beach Dade County Jail, where Justin Bieber was being held following his arrest

Justin was taken to jail and posed for a police mugshot with a big grin across his face and wearing the standard orange jumpsuit. After he had been booked and spent time in the police cell, he arrived in court later that day to hear his charges. With his sleeves rolled up and looking as cool as he possibly could, Justin appeared via closed circuit TV as the judge set his bond for DUI/resisting arrest/driving on a suspended license case. Justin also hired Roy Black, one of Tinseltown's most renowned attorneys, for the case and was set a £2,500 bail, which he was obviously able to pay for.

He was spotted leaving prison, sat on the roof of a waiting SUV and waving to fans as he drove off.

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