Justin Theroux has entertained audiences for two seasons of 'The Leftovers' to-date in the leading role of Kevin Garvey, Jr., and it's fair to say that his character has been through a lot during his journey on the show.

Justin Theroux in 'The Leftovers'Justin Theroux in 'The Leftovers'

Somewhat a hero, Kevin struggles with his life so much so that he's more than willing to kill himself if he deems it time to go. Because of that, every few minutes of the series are tense and packed full of suspense. This is a man who has been shot and poisoned, drowned and more; in fact, we'd be surprised if he managed to make it to the end of season 3 without facing some of his biggest challenges so far.

When you're so embedded within a world of television and a character that you've truly given your all, you would think that having to say goodbye would be a big challenge. That is the case for Theroux now that his work on season 3 has come to an end, with the third season the rounding off point for the entire series. 

"It's not that hard to say goodbye actually," Theroux said in a chat with Variety. "That's not betraying any deep love for the show. When we first signed up for the show, Damon was very clear: there’s absolutely no way the show is going to go any more than 3 or 4 seasons. We knew that from that outset. He was like, it’s not going to take that long to tell the story we want to tell. I think he was still formulating what that was going to be once we were done with season 1. It’s not a show you want to be, what’s season 4 going to look like? Or season 5? It would become a terrible show if we started writing into the unknown. And trying to keep it on the air just for the sake of keeping it on the air. 

"We could have easily ended at season 2. But we were all in agreement it was just better to do a nice three-season box set and put it on the shelf. It’s bittersweet. It’s sad to say goodbye to all the people I love working with but not sad in the sense of we wouldn’t want to be doing the show if it started to grind."

Despite the initial shock of it not being "hard" to say goodbye, you can certainly respect Theroux's words when he explains that this was always the plan. Going into something when the foundations have already been laid out in front of you allows you to plan and prepare for everything to come, and the end of the show is one of those things.

Whether the audience are ready to say goodbye to the series however is another matter altogether...

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'The Leftovers' continues Sundays in the US on HBO and will come to Sky Atlantic in the UK later this year.