Justin Timberlake got his son ''free 'Trolls' merch'' for his birthday.

The 'Trolls World Tour' star and his wife Jessica Biel celebrated their son Silas' fifth birthday this week, and the singer and actor has confessed he bagged some free merchandise from the animated film franchise as gifts.

He said: ''I feel lucky that he's still so young. There's LEGOs. I have no shame in my game saying that we optioned some free 'Trolls' merch.''

Justin, 39, splashed out on a ''bouncy house'' for Silas to play in on his birthday, but admitted he thoroughly cleaned the inflatable before blowing it up for his son, because he was worried about the threat of coronavirus.

Speaking during an appearance on 'The Kelly Clarkson Show' on Friday (10.04.20), he added: ''We actually got a little - we went a little all out - we bought him his own bouncy house. I Lysoled that thing down, I'm not gonna lie to you. Then I jumped until I couldn't jump anymore with him.''

Meanwhile, Justin's wife Jessica marked her son's birthday by donating to Save the Children and Feeding America, who are working hard to ''keep kids and families healthy'' during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Posting an old picture on Instagram of herself holding Silas over her shoulder, the 38-year-old actress wrote: ''This little man is 5 today! We're at home, covered in legos and birthday cake right now... but I just found this pic on my phone from last summer and it made me so happy. To celebrate his big birthday, we're supporting @savethechildren and @feedingamerica, who are doing so much good work to keep kids and families healthy and fed during this time. Scroll through your old pictures today and post something that brings you a little bit of joy! Sending lots of love to you all... (sic)''