Kanye West is being very productive these days and already working on his seventh studio album, mere months after the release of Yeezus. What’s more, West has already assembled at least part of the team to work on his next record. Q-Tip announced as much during an interview with Elliot Wilson for Life + Times, while also dropping Rick Rubin’s name into the mix.

Kanye West, Madison Square Garden
After a brief rest following the birth of daughter North, Kanye is very much back on his grind.

“"I'm producing Kanye’s new album with Rick Rubin, I'm doing that, so that’s coming up."

With all the buzz around Kanye’s fashion endeavors as of late, we were worried that he’d left music on the backburner (let’s just all ignore that Bound 2 video, shall we?) but it seems the man can do it all.

Yeezy talks about a whole bunch of stuff in the below interview, including a Miley Cyrus collaboration, what!?

West spoke out about the album as well, telling Power 99 that he was currently at work and hoping to release it in Summer 2014. When asked directly about the rumors of an upcoming Yeezus 2, Kanye was a bit vague. "I haven't named my next album but I have started on it," he said, via Billboard. "I write down philosophies all the time. I have some thoughts and I just constantly... everytime I think of it I write it. I'm working on it."

As for his other significant piece of news, it’s a remix ‘Ye is doing with Miley Cyrus, which may or may not be of Yeezus’ Black Skinhead. We all knew it was coming, folks. The pop culture singularity will soon be upon us.

Q-Tip is working on Kanye's next record, which is almost certainly a good thing.