Kate Moss will return to collaborate with Topshop for the first time in three and a half years.

The model is already working on a new spring/summer collection which is set for release in April 2014 and sold in 40 countries.

The partnership first began in 2007 when Moss was reportedly paid £3 million for her first clothing designs.She will be working with stylist Katy England and Top Shop's creative director, Kate Phelan.

The owner of the high-street fashion brand, Sir Phillip Green, recently told The Telegraph,

"I am personally thrilled that Kate wanted to come back to Topshop to work with us again, The first time around was such a lot of fun, and she has been sorely missed".

To reunite the partnership seems like a wise business decision, as it proved to be a successful joint venture in the previous years, as they produced several sell-out collections before their temporary split in 2010.

Green recently expanded his brand to Hong-Kong for the first time ever in June of this year, and with the renewed collaboration, Green told The Guardian they could use Moss to capitalise on their expansion.

As the 39 year-old model's new clothing range is set to be sold in 40 countries, Green said, "We could use that as an opportunity to open 20 to 30 pop-up stores within department stores in China."

He also discussed if Kate is too old for Topshop's target audience, "Show me anybody with better fashion credibility. She's spent 20 years in the industry - who knows the business better?" Take that as a no.

Using her name in China would be repeating the same strategy executed for the move to America as her popularity proved vital in securing sites for the clothes store.

The fashion mogul didn't give a time scale of when this will occur but said "We can open in any market pretty quickly. If we did the deal tomorrow we could open in six weeks."

The fashion icon will be celebrating turning 40 in January and it coincides with Playboy's 40th anniversary, to celebrate each occasion, Moss will feature on the cover in a special edition of the magazine.

kate moss
Kate Moss is set to collaborate with Topshop once again