A very pregnant Kate Winslet joined Josh Brolin on the red carpet to present Labor Day

The stars continue to be out in London in the second week of the 57th London Film Festival. Judi Dench and Steve Coogan were on-hand with their new film Philomena, Joseph Gordon-Levitt got the crowd screaming outside the cinema before the screening of his writing-directing debut Don John, and. Click here for Philomena trailer and pics, or here for pics and the trailer for Don Jon and you can browse through our photo gallery of this week's Labor Day premiere in London.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus was also at the festival with filmmaker Nicole Holofcener for the UK premiere of their intelligent, offbeat romantic-comedy Enough Said, which features one of the final performances from the late James Gandolfini. It opens in British cinemas this weekend. You can read our Enough Said review here.

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

The biggest new trailer this week was for the action thriller , the latest reboot of the franchise that previously starred Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford and Ben Affleck. This time the government operative is played by Chris Pine, and the film uses the characters rather than a specific Tom Clancy novel. Costars include Keira Knightley, Kevin Costner and Kenneth Branagh, who's also directing. The movie opens in December. You can check out the Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit International Trailer here.

A new trailer for Charlie Countryman shows an intriguing drama with an all-star cast including Shia LaBeouf, Evan Rachel Wood, Rupert Grint and Melissa Leo. It looks like a dark and moving odyssey, beautifully filmed by first-time director Frank Bond. It opens in America next month. Watch the Charlie Countryman trailer.

47 Ronin

There's also a new trailer for the Japanese fantasy action movie 47 Ronin, which stars Keanu Reeves as an outsider forced into slavery for being mixed race. Then he joins an army of masterless samurai on some sort of revenge quest. The dialog in the trailer sounds faintly ridiculous, with corny lines whispered with utmost importance. But the film looks visually inventive, with all kinds of impressive trickery. It opens in December. We have an in depth trailer here showing you the vast scale of the movie.

And finally, we had a new trailer of George Clooney's next movie The Monuments Men, the true story of the hunt for art stolen by the Nazis. It looks pretty amazing, frankly, especially with a cast that includes Cate Blanchett, Matt Damon, Bill Murray and Jean Dujardin - like a World War II version of Ocean's 11. It opens in December in America and January in Britain. Click here for the The Monuments Men trailer.