Rock legend Keith Moon was so dedicated to his reputation as a wild man, he once missed a flight just so he could return to his hotel room and hurl a TV into the pool. The Who guitarist Pete Townshend recalls he was in a car with Moon, on the way to catch an aeroplane when the drummer insisted on returning to the hotel room, where he'd spent the previous night. The guitarist says, "We were late for the plane and Keith was like, 'Oh my God, I've got to go back to my hotel room.' We thought he'd left drugs in his room or something. "We turned around, we know we're gonna miss the plane and we might be late for the gig. We rush back to the hotel and he rushes in, comes out with the TV set and throws it into the swimming pool, gets back in the car and goes, 'Phew, I nearly forgot!'" Townshend resisted the temptation to scream at his wacky bandmate - because he knew how important throwing TVs into pools was for Moon. He adds, "Throwing television sets out of hotel rooms is very, very, very important. F**king hell, it's very important that somebody does it and does it often. The people that do it should be regarded as being very special."