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17th April 2014

Fact: British directors Mike Leigh and Ken Loach will go head-to-head in the competition at this year's (14) Cannes Film Festival in France. Leigh's film Mr. Turner and Loach's Jimmy's Hall will both compete, along with other movies including David Cronenberg's Map to the Stars, featuring Robert Pattinson, and The Homesman, directed by actor Tommy Lee Jones. The event runs from 14 May (14) to 25 May (14).

8th June 2007

Fact: British director Ken Loach is venturing from screen to radio with a new documentary about British seaside resort Blackpool in its 1940 heyday. The Palme d'Or-winning filmmaker's creation will air on the U.K.'s BBC Radio 3 on 23 June (07).

23rd June 2006

Quote: "It was a socialist salute. Not Stalinist, but a good socialist salute. It's the sort of thing you would see all over the place, and at meetings all over London, if you got out a bit more." British director Ken Loach explains his clenched fist at last month's (MAY06) Cannes Film Festival in France, when he collected the Palme D'Or for THE WIND THAT SHAKES THE BARLEY.

22nd June 2006

Quote: "It's pro-truth. It's no more anti-British than Mary Poppins." THE WIND THAT SHAKES THE BARLEY star PADRAIC DELANEY defends Ken Loach's film against pro- Irish Republican Army (IRA) criticisms.

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