Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber’s makeup artist says "healthy, hydrated skin” is vital

Mary Phillips - who has also worked with the likes of Jennifer Lopez and Bella Hadid - believes “following a skin regime and doing routine skin maintenance is always beneficial” to getting that glow.

She told British Vogue: “To me, a modern complexion is fresh and flawless-looking skin that is lightly matte on the T-zone but still glowing at the high points of the face. It starts with healthy, hydrated skin.

"Following a skincare regimen and doing routine skin maintenance is always beneficial – knowing what works best for your skin and using the right products and tools for application is also key.

"The products I use to enhance my own complexion are primer, foundation, concealer, powder, bronzer, blush and highlighter.”

Mary - who has worked with fashion brands like Coach and Vogue - noted that despite the diversity of her clients taste, they all make one similar request.

She said: “My clients request all different types of makeup looks and although their requests vary, the one consistent request is fresh, hydrated and natural-looking skin.”

Mary also urged people to adopt a primer to their routine to “enhance” the look and longevity of your face.

She said: “Primer helps enhance the look of the make-up you apply, and ensures it lasts all day. I love an overall flawless, smooth complexion and to achieve that, start with base products: primer, foundation and concealer. A primer that can ensure this smooth base has staying power is key and it’s quick and easy to apply.

"I’ve been using Hourglass’s new Vanish Airbrush Primer and it works wonders. It’s a translucent gel that helps to absorb oil, blur imperfections, minimise the look of pores, and smooth fine lines. It’s multipurpose – it doesn’t just ensure make-up lasts, but it also helps to create a seamless finish.”