Kendrick Lamar sees similarities between himself and NBA legend Kobe Bryant.

The chart-topping rapper and the former Los Angeles Lakers star are good friends with each other, and Kendrick claims they share a desire to make the most of their potential.

He explained to Billboard: "I think from afar, we both have this will power of finding our how far we can max our potential in what we can do. I think once you have that curiosity, it'll keep you challenged, it'll keep you motivated and it'll keep you elevated.

"That's what he's done with his career, he maxed it out to this fullest on the court. Now, he's off the court and he's finding a whole new love for something and he'll continue with that concept and that same idea. I think that's what we share the most."

Meanwhile, Kendrick previously claimed that hip-hop culture determines "what's cool and what's not cool".

The rapper - who has a deep-rooted love of hip-hop culture - believes it is the most influential genre of music in America.

He said: "Hip-hop has always been the ultimate genre. Yeah. Even when these numbers wasn't out. Even when the stats wasn't out we always moved the needle. We always ... we were the culture.

"You can debate me on this all day you want. We say what's cool and what's not cool. We say what we like."