Khloe Kardashian went "stealth" to a tanning salon.

The 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' star didn't want to be photographed heading into the health and beauty salon for a tan so kept a low profile, but she was really surprised when the salon staff revealed her mother Kris Jenner frequents there a lot.

Speaking on the family's E! reality show, she said: "I went to a real tanning bed on Saturday or something ... I had to go stealth. But I actually wear sunscreen ... And they were like, 'Do you want the package your mom gets?' I was like, 'Ah! My mom goes all the time!'"

Meanwhile, Khloe previously insisted that makeup and skincare is "essentially in her DNA".

She shared: "Makeup and skincare is essentially in my DNA. I've taken some tips and tricks from what others were doing but I have an approach to beauty that's all my own."

And Khloe admits she doesn't like to "stick with one look for too long" as she feels beauty should be "anything but boring".

She added: "I never like to stick with one look for too long. Short hair, major glam, bright lips - you name a look, I've tried it. You get to be a different character every single day and experiment. To me, beauty should be anything but boring. It's a form of self-expression. There's really no right or wrong, it's more about how it makes you feel."

The 36-year-old reality television star is back to brunette now after a stint as a blonde and she is having "a lot of fun" with her new look.

She shared: "I'm having a lot of fun as a 'new' brunette.

"I love to change things up whenever I'm getting too comfortable with a look. It's whatever makes you feel more playful and daring."