Kim Kardashian’s silence over Kanye West’s anti-Semitic slurs has been slammed as “appalling” by an emotional Boy George.

The Culture Club singer, 61, took to Instagram to slate Kanye’s ex-wife, 42, and urge others to speak out against the rapper, 45.

It comes after Kanye, who goes by Ye, took nearly two hours during an interview with ‘Piers Morgan Uncensored’ to apologise for his recent anti-Semitic tweets amid ongoing outrage over his rant about George Floyd and his ‘White Lives Matter’ T-shirt stunt at Paris Fashion Week.

Boy George said in a new video on Instagram: “I’m kind of appalled that not more artists have come out and spoke against what he’s saying.

“I’m appalled that Kim Kardashian hasn’t come out and added her voice to this debate, because this woman has children with Kanye, so she must understand as a mother what it feels like for little Jewish children to hear these f****** comments, how demoralising and terrifying it must be.

“As a gay man I have experienced years of prejudice, you know, so the idea of doing that to someone else based on their race or their colour or their sexuality or their gender is just f****** appalling to me, and it should be appalling to you.”

Piers, 57, asked Kanye on his ‘Uncensored’ show on October 19 whether he regretted threatening to go “DEFCON 3 on Jewish people”.

Kanye, who shares four children with Kim, initially doubled down on his comments, declaring: “No, absolutely not” – and when Piers asked if he knew the comments were racist, Kanye: “Yes, that’s why I said it... I fought fire with fire. I’m not here to get hosed down.”

Later in the show Kanye offered an apology, admitting: “I will say, I’m sorry for the people that I hurt with the DEFCON... the confusion that I caused. I feel like I caused hurt and confusion and I’m sorry for the families that had nothing to do with the trauma that I had been through.

“Hurt people hurt people – and I was hurt.”

It comes after Kanye appeared on the ‘Drink Champs’ podcast on October 15 and blamed “Jewish media” and “Jewish Zionists” for alleged wrongdoings.

He claimed Jewish people have “owned” the “Black voice” and that “the Jewish community, especially in the music industry” will “take us and milk us till we die”.

He is being sued by the family of George Floyd for $250 million after he said on the podcast the police brutality victim was killed by the drug fentanyl and that the police officer’s knee “wasn’t even on his neck like that”.

George, 46, was murdered during an arrest when Derek Chauvin, one of four police officers who arrived on the scene of a suspected burglary, knelt on his neck and back for nine minutes and 29 seconds.

Kanye has also been slated by the Black Lives Matter movement for parading a White Lives Matter T-shirt at Paris Fashion Week.

He has stood his ground over tops, and in an interview given to Fox News Channel’s ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ he said the shirt was a product of his “connection with God” and “energy” that he channels which is “just brilliance”.

The rapper also insisted his father Ray West found the WLM fallout “funny” despite him being an “educated ex-Black Panther”.