Map to the Stars

Cannes Continues: We're nearly at the end of the second week of the Cannes Film Festival and have been mentally noting which new movies have soared or been scorched at the hands of critics. Map to the Stars, Two Days, One Night, Mommy and Foxcatcher have all received glowing reviews whilst Lost River, Grace of Monaco, and The Search... well, less so. Click on links for reviews highlights and details for each movie.

Carter-Knowles Camp Content?: The Jay Z/Solange brouhaha confusion still hasn't been publically illuminated but the Carter-Knowles family seems to be intent on proving to the world that everything is just fine, fine, fine, thank you very much after footage leaked showing the singer attacking her rapper brother-in-law in a lift. Beyoncé's statement did little to explain her sister's violence but her newly-posted family photos do a good job of sweeping it all under the rug, for better or worse.

Michael Jace Murders?: One of the most shocking, confusing and upsetting stories to have emerged from the past seven days is the news that Michael Jace, star of The Shield, fatally shot his wife April during an altercation in the family home. The actor then phoned the police to confess to his actions, and was swiftly arrested before being charged with the killing. Jace's two young children were witnesses to the killing and were described as "extremely distressed" before they were whisked off by the authorities. Find our timeline of events here.

London Grammar

Music Awards Madness: It has been a great week for celebrating music: last weekend we had the Billboard Music Awards in which Justin Timberlake, Imagine Dragons and Jennifer Lopez ruled, and last night the Ivor Novello Awards honoured London Grammar, James Blake and Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. Find out more about all the Billboard hijinks here and read what the overwhelmed London Grammar had to say about their landmark win here.

Kimye In Paris: Plug your ears and cover your eyes if you can't bear any more Kim Kardashian/Kanye West wedding reportage but the entire Kardashian Klan has landed its fake-tanned, bootilicious behind into Paris ready for the imminent nuptials. The couple are said to be hosting a meal and tour of the Palace of Versailles for their guests before jetting everyone to Florence for a wedding at an imposing fortress. No expense is being spared for the most overblown celeb wedding of the year with thousands spent on flowers, outfits and even appearances from Lana Del Rey, Jay and Beyoncé.

The Black Keys Chart Attack: So grumpy old Patrick Carney of The Black Keys finally got his wish and saw his band's latest album, Turn Blue, battle Michael Jackson's Xscape to claim US number one; a first for the rock duo. Read Carney's words of ill-wishing ire here. Who can blame the drummer though? You spend three years making an album and suddenly an over-produced posthumous release from the King of Pop threatens to strip that gold right off the ceiling. Find out how close the charts race was this week.


'Godzilla' Roars: Monster rehash Godzilla has crushed all competition at the box office this week, snatching up first place and flicking away competition from rivals Neighbors and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 like toy cars beneath the titular lizard's scaly foot. Watch the decidedly doomy trailer here. Critics haven't exactly found the Bryan Cranston-starring movie unwatchable either - find out what some of them have to say.

Un-'Happy' Iranians: Pharrell Williams was this week compelled to speak out when he heard that a group of six Iranian youngsters had been arrested, detained and forced to apologise for making and uploading a video of themselves dancing to Pharrell's hit, 'Happy.' Find out what the singer said. The Western dress of the clip conflicted with the country's core Islamic beliefs despite the youths' joyous motives, leading to public condemnation from the Iranian police chief. Watch the video here.

Video Of The Week - 'Third Person' Trailer: Finally, the movie that had critics heads in a spin last September at TIFF has a trailer and a wide release date. Check out the trailer here. The latest film from Oscar-winning director Paul Haggis, Third Person employs a star-studded cast and a "Russian doll" storytelling structure to tell the tale of three interwoven yet distinct love stories. See some stills from the drama here. Mila Kunis, James, Franco, Olivia Wilde, Liam Neeson and Kim Basinger star in this compelling new picture, which is released in late June.